INTRODUCING: Your Ultimate Guide Into Taking Your OWN Professional Instagram Photos 
Using ONLY Your Tripod & Iphone

Insta-Worthy Photos

Learn all the tricks & hacks behind taking your OWN professional Insta-worthy photos like an influencer, using ONLY your iPhone 
& watch your account grow massively! 


⭐ Are you currently struggling with growing your Instagram page?

⭐ Are you satisfied with the kind of photos you’ve been taking so far?

⭐ Are you overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to figure out how to use a professional camera to take your Instagram photos?

⭐ Have you ever wanted to take amazing Instagram photos but are tired of relying on your friends, family members, or boyfriend to take your photos?

⭐ Are you sick of taking endless photos that aren’t coming out the way you want them to?

⭐ Have you ever wondered how successful influencers take such amazing looking photos?

Maybe you've asked yourself....

⚪ Why am I not getting a lot of likes on my photos?

⚪ Why can’t I get those Insta-worthy photos?

⚪ Why can’t I get my favorite brands to notice me?

Are you ready to start creating incredible attention-grabbing content for Instagram, upscale your feed and finally learn to take your own Insta-worthy photos!


What if I told you there’s ONE thing, just ONE thing, that could help you change all of that?

Imagine waking up every morning and heading over to your Instagram account to see many new followers, comments, and likes in your notifications…

Imagine finding out that a big account on Instagram has shared your photo with a few hundred thousand followers, or even millions! Or what if suddenly one of your favorite dream brands contacted you for a collaboration…how would that make you feel?

Hey, I’m Hofit Kim Cohen!

Former model and makeup artist who has spent endless hours on sets of photoshoots.
For the last 7 years, I've been a full-time female solo luxury travel blogger, social media influencer, content creator, and successful coach who has helped countless people transform their dreams into reality through my blog, Instagram, YouTube channel, and private one-on-one coaching programs.

In 2014, after many years of traveling the world and countless career changes, I decided to start my own travel & lifestyle blog called Vanilla Sky Dreaming. I was sick of investing my time into careers that weren’t truly making me happy. I knew that in order to be happy, I needed a career that involved the top 3 things I couldn’t live without: travel, art, and inspiration. With that in mind, I decided to create my dream job and follow my heart and passion of traveling the world, taking amazing photos, making all of my dreams come true, and inspiring others to do the very same thing.

Since that day, I have never looked back.

I’ve now traveled to 67 countries (mostly solo) and I take my own photos. I got to make so many of my bucket list dreams come true, I’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, and have been featured by some of the biggest media outlets. 

My social media platforms have gained over 150,000 followers!

Now my mission is to help inspire people to live their lives doing things that inspire them!

It wasn’t always like this...

When I first decided that I wanted to be a female solo travel blogger, I always struggled with trying to figure out who was going to take my photos.

Many times, I asked strangers, tour guides, or friends I made whilst traveling to take my photos but they never came out the way I wanted them to. It was super frustrating and upsetting because I knew that many of the places and things I was doing around the world were one-of-a-kind experiences and there was a big chance that I’d only visit these places once in my lifetime.

I wanted to create amazing and inspiring content at these incredible places around the world and kept getting frustrated and discouraged, while my fellow influencers were getting amazing photos while traveling with their boyfriends, who took their photos and became overnight successes.

I got to a breaking point where I realized that the only way I was going to get the kind of results I wanted was if I were to do it myself — if I was the only one who was fully in control of my photo taking. I decided to use the skills I gathered through my years of working on photoshoots and taking photos around the world, and also taught myself how to take my own professional photos using my iPhone and it changed EVERYTHING for me!

I was FINALLY getting those professional Insta-worthy photos and my Instagram account started growing fast!

Ready to start creating incredible content for Instagram? 

Ok, so listen, right now you’re sitting scrolling through your phone as the time is ticking and your dream is knocking at your door.

Maybe there is something about the way you’ve been doing things that hasn’t been getting much of a result or any success.

So, let me ask you this… does this sound like something you want to act upon?

Do you want to step up your Instagram photo taking skills, learn to take your own photos in the simplest and easiest way possible, and start creating incredible content that will result in growing your Instagram account and acknowledgment by your favorite brands?

Because right now you have a chance to grab the road map that shows you exactly how it is done.

Introducing 'Insta-Worthy Photos' E-BOOK!

Instagram worthy photos photo taking made simple. learn to take your own professional photos using your iphone and grow your instagram. insta worthy photos

Today I’m SUPER excited to introduce to you my BRAND NEW eBook called “Insta-Worthy Photos! Photo Taking Made Simple. Learn To Take Your Own Professional Photos Using Your iPhone And Grow Your Instagram!”

It’s a step-by-step blueprint showing you exactly what you need to do in order to get those Insta-worthy photos using ONLY your iPhone, teaching you how to take your own photos in the easiest, simplest, and most professional way possible, and start gaining a massive following on Instagram!

You don't need a big fancy professional camera to get incredible Insta-worthy photos!

This eBook will help you unlock your creative potential and live the life you’ve always wanted to live.

What's In The E-Book?

You'll Be Learning: 

  • ​The benefits of taking your own photos -- all by yourself, how it's done and why it’s so much faster.
  • ​How to take your own photos using ONLY your iPhone and a tripod
  • ​I’ll teach you all your MUST have gear for setting up the perfect photoshoot and how to use it. 
  • ​You'll learn how and where to find inspiration from.
  •  My biggest secrets for discovering unique locations to shoot in and everything you need to consider before picking locations. 
  • ​How to shoot in overly crowded locations.
  • ​How to pick and plan your outfits accordingly and what to base it on.
  • ​I'll teach you where to find those affordable Instagrammable outfit and accessories.
  • ​All the important things to take into consideration before planning a photoshoot that can make or break your photos! 
  • ​How to plan accordingly with weather conditions and unique experiences.
  • ​You'll learn everything you need to know about lighting which is KEY to a successful shoot. 
  • ​The proper way to shoot during different hours of the day.
  • ​ Different and unique ideas for photos
  • ​Night shooting
  • ​How to prepare your bag for a photoshoot + checklist
  • ​Step-by-step on what to do during day of shooting (before, during and after)
  • ​AND MORE!!!!
Instagram worthy photos photo taking made simple. learn to take your own professional photos using your iphone and grow your instagram. insta worthy photos

(Valued At $150!!)

Before I Knew How To Take My Own Insta-Worthy Photos

Before I learned how to take my own photos


+100K Followers On Instagram!  

ALL the photos you see below are photos I took of myself using my tripod and my iPhone! 
I took all these photos 100% myself!

And you can do it too!

I've completely transformed my Instagram feed into a wanderlust dream! I grew my account, gained a bunch of followers, and started getting noticed by some of the biggest brands in the world. 


(​Valued At $170)

PLUS, when you enroll today.. you’ll also get:

A FREE behind the scenes video as I take you with me on an actual photoshoots!

I'll be taking you with me on a road trip and show you:

  • How I organize my outfits, props and accessories before a photoshoot!
  • How I prepare for a photoshoot!
  • ​How I location scout!
  • ​How I pose for my own photos!
  • ​How to overcome challenges when things don't go according to plan.
  • ​​​Angles, lighting and MORE!

30mins of behind the scenes footage!


WAIT! There is MORE!

Plus, you’ll also get:


One of the biggest struggles I hear my clients ask about is posing for their photos.

"How do I pose for photos?" 

"How do I look skinnier in photos?"

"What do I do if I'm camera shy?" 

Should familiar? 

Don't worry! I got your back! 


(​Valued At $60)

In my 'Posing 101 Quick Guide', I will be teaching you: 

  • My biggest secret to posing
  • ​How to overcome being camera shy
  • How to be confident on camera
  • ​​How to never run out of poses
  • ​​​The tricks + hacks to posing
  • ​​How to look "skinnier" and more fit in your photos
  • ​How to look your best while shooting in swimwear
  • ​And More!
  • ​24 PAGES! 

Hey, Listen!

So, at this point, you may be starting to wonder if this type of a program that can deliver all of this is going to be expensive, right?

And even though I could easily charge several $1000's for this type of training that took me so many years to master and it would totally be worth it.. I’m not actually going to do that.
I want this to be affordable and accessible to as many people as I can help.

The “Insta-Worthy Photos” E-Book training + Bonuses costs $380 

However, right now, as a limited time offer, you can get the entire “Insta-Worthy Photos” 
E-Book along with all the Bonuses for just a one-time, single, secured payment of 

ONLY $24!!!

This Program will go up in price
So act NOW and get your free bonuses! 

Click the “Enroll Now” button below and get started instantly!

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Instagram worthy photos photo taking made simple. learn to take your own professional photos using your iphone and grow your instagram. insta worthy photos

Launch Price: 


ONLY $24!

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Hofit Kim Cohen, 
P.S. If you're just like me and like to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page because you just want to buy it already and just want to see how it will cost you and what you're getting... lol don't worry, I got you. Here it is...

What You'll Be Getting: 

  • E-Book: Insta-Worthy Photos (104 pages) Valued at $150
  • ​Bonus #1: Behind The Scenes Video (30mins) Valued at $170
  • ​Bonus #2: Free Posing 101 Guide (24 pages) Valued at $60

For ONLY $24!!!

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posing 101 guide Instagram worthy photos photo taking made simple. learn to take your own professional photos using your iphone and grow your instagram. insta worthy photos
Instagram worthy photos photo taking made simple. learn to take your own professional photos using your iphone and grow your instagram. insta worthy photos
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